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Welcome to Fiber Linx Part of VERSITRON

Welcome to VERSITRON’S most recent collection of newsletters. Here you can find past articles on our products as they were updated, as well as other interesting “fiber” tidbits.

Newsletter 1 introduces our first web site, the 10baset ethernet media converters, the 100basetx fast ethernet media converters and defines some commonly used terms for you.

In Newsletter 2 , you can find articles pertaining to our RS-485 fiber optic modem, as well as our data and voice capable telephone modems. Articles on our popular side by side “space saver chassis”, increased distances in our T1 fiber modem products and the introduction of singlemode optics in all of our products can also be found here.

Newsletter 3 will tell you about our fiber optic switch products (5-port, 16-port, 24-port) and fill you in about our MTBF rates of 14+ years and Lifetime Warranties. You can also find out about the online store, and a seminar outlining a protocol to reverse fibromyalgia sponsored by VERSITRON in September, 2001.

Our lead story in Newsletter 4 fills you in on our popular fiber modular switch the “Pick a Port”, explains some of our media converter chassis options, and explores the advantages of the single fiber media converter.

Newsletter 5 will introduce you to the 10/100 “Double Duty” fiber optic media converters, and tell you where some of our most unusual applications can be found. You can also check out comments and quotations from our current customers, and find out about online store products including the T1 and DS3 fiber modems and 5 port fiber optic switch. Our “industrial strength” MicroModems are also highlighted here.

Newsletter 6 will highlight more unusual application scenarios and will also explain how airport signal lighting makes use of fiber optics.  Also, educational discounts, a 4-wire teledata modem, and a “test drive” chat can be found in this edition.

Newsletter 7 highlights the New VersiVision Video products for placing CCTV video signals over fiber.  You will also find an article here that explains why security professionals are choosing to place sensitive video applications over fiber.  While this newsletter "talks about" FM video products, VERSITRON has since introduced a line of Digital Video Products as well.

Newsletter 8 In this newsletter, you will find an article on digital CCTV converters and the types of applications where VERSITRON's converters can be found. There
is also an article outlining the new navigation on as well as an article about our 6-Port "Little Big Man" managed GBIC switch.

And last but not least, don’t forget to check out “Gema’s Corner” for our mascot’s pithy comments about life in general!

Thanks for visiting us and we hope you enjoy your time spent perusing some of our newsletter archives.